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Software on Sherlock#

Available software#

A set of supported software installations is provided for use on Sherlock. This software is made available through a Software Modules system. For the complete list of available software, please refer to the Software List page.

Licensed software can be used on Sherlock, under certain conditions. Feel free to contact us for more details or if you have questions. For more information about purchasing software licenses, you can contact the Stanford Software Licensing office.

Installation requests#

Installation requests

The Stanford Research Computing team installs, for general use, a set of libraries, tools and software applications that are commonly used across many research groups. However, our staff resources are quite limited and don't allow us to build nor maintain custom software applications that may be requested by or be of use to a small number of users.

We strongly encourage users to build custom and field- or domain-specific software themselves, and install it in their own personal or group shared directories. That way, they can share the software installations with the rest of the users in their group, if necessary.

Users may even maintain and publish their own local module files to dynamically configure a running environment to use the software. They could share those modules with other users to simplify the use of their own custom software installations.

Installing your own software

For more information about building your own software on Sherlock, please see the Software Installation page

If the software you need is not in the list of available software, and you have trouble installing it on your own, please contact us with as much details about the package as possible, and we will try to help you install it.

If it's a widely used software that could benefit multiple users across different scientific communities, we will consider install it globally as resources permit1.

Contributed software#

PI groups and labs can share their software installations and modules with the whole Sherlock user community, and let everyone benefit from their tuning efforts and software developments.

Contributed software is supported and maintained by each lab, and contact information is usually provided in the contribs module. See the Modules page for more information about using software modules on Sherlock.

If you're interested in sharing your software installations beyond your own group on Sherlock, please let us know, and we'll get in touch.

  1. Software requests, including version upgrades, are fulfilled in the order they are received, and as time permits. We don't have any dedicated team for software installations, and requests are handled along with other duties, typically within two to three weeks of being received.