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About us#

Stanford Research Computing#


Stanford Research Computing) is a joint effort of the Dean of Research and IT Services to build and support a comprehensive program to advance computational research at Stanford. That includes offering and supporting traditional high performance computing (HPC) systems, as well as systems for high throughput and data-intensive computing.

The Stanford Research Computing team also helps researchers transition their analyses and models from the desktop to more capable and plentiful resources, providing the opportunity to explore their data and answer research questions at a scale typically not possible on desktops or departmental servers. Partnering with national initiatives and program as well as vendors, Stanford Research Computing offers training and learning opportunities around HPC tools and technologies.

For more information, please see the Stanford Research Computing website


We would like to thank the following companies for their generous sponsorship, and for providing services and resources that help us manage Sherlock every day:

The Sherlock website and documentation also rely on the following projects:

Why the Sherlock name?#

If you're curious about where the Sherlock name came from, we always considered that computing resources in general and HPC clusters in particular should be the catalyst of innovation, be ahead of their time, and spur new discoveries.

And what better account of what's happening on a high-performance computing cluster than Benedict Cumberbatch describing his role as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC's modern adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic?

Benedict Cumberbatch, about Sherlock

There's a great charge you get from playing him, because of the volume of words in your head and the speed of thought – you really have to make your connections incredibly fast. He is one step ahead of the audience, and of anyone around him with normal intellect. They can't quite fathom where his leaps are taking him.

Yes, exactly. That's Sherlock.

Sherlock, of HBO fame#

And finally, we couldn't resist to the pleasure of citing the most prestigious accomplishment of Sherlock to date: a mention in HBO's Silicon Valley Season 4 finale!

screencap screencap

Yep, you got that right, Richard Hendricks wanted to use our very own Sherlock!

compression_stars{ align=left style="height:100px; margin-top:0" } Kudos to the show's crew and a big thank you to HBO Data compression stars, Professor Tsachy Weissman and Dmitri Pavlichin, for this incredible Sherlock shout-out. This has been an everlasting source of pride and amazement for the whole SRCC team! ❤